Physics XII | HSEB Notes

Unit-1 Waves and Optics


 1. Wave motion
 2. Mechanical waves
 3. Waves in pipes and string
 4. Acoustic phenomena

Physical Optics

1. Nature and propagation of light

Wave Front
Huygen’s Principle
Laws of reflection of light according to the wave theory
Laws of refrection of light according to the wave theory

 2. Interference
 3. Diffraction
 4. Polarization

Unit- 2 Electricity and magnetism

Current Electricity

 2. Electrical circuits
 3. Thermoelectric effects
 4. Chemical effect of current

Magnetic Field of current

 1. Magnetic field
 2. Magnetic properties of materials
 3. Electromagnetic Induction
 4. Alternating Currents

Unit-3 Modern Physics

 1. Electrons and Photons
 2. Solids and semi-conductor devices
 3. Quantization of energy
 4. Nuclear Physics
 5. Radioactivity
 6. Nuclear energy and other sources of energy
 7. Particle physics and cosmology
Universe – Hubble law; Big bang; Critical density; Dark matter


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