Notice on Exam Centres and All other FAQs

Notice on Exam Centers and All other FAQs

The question regarding the exam centres was everywhere from the past few weeks. And by today, it has been more vivid. So, to answer those questions of yours this post has been made. The Exam centres has already been finalized and the notice has already been provided to the respective college representative. And the centres list would probably not be kept online for various complications that it may arise.
Here we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions by you guys:
How to know Our Exam Center?

> Please contact your college administration or college representative about it. You might get informed at the time of getting Admit Card for the board examination from your respective college. Or click here to view it.
When will the result of Retotalling of Grade XI be published on ?

> The result should have already been published but due to lack of seriousness in this ambition has caused the delay in the result date. However, the result is said to be published within this month. But the start of Board exams of Grade 12 and then Grade 11 has further reduced the chance of result being anytime sooner. Anything could happen in the result date, stay tuned for the updates.
Can I give my Board Exams if I failed in my Pre-Board Exam ?

> The answer is balanced and the college has all right to decide what to do with you i.e. either to let you give boards or prevent you from attending the board exams. And, if the college is conducting Re-test for the failed students try to pass out in that exam to be on the safe side.
Can you please tell when is the exam of ___________ subject ?

> For this question, we have a common answer, please refer to these links as per your standard :
And please check for yourself the examination date.
Thank You !! And Best of Luck for your upcoming Board Examinations from entire Team

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or anything please comment in the comment box below and if you want privacy than mail us at Our team will respond to you as soon as possible.
Once again Thank You very much for the support and cooperation that you have shown towards us from the start of the website.

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