HSEB under huge pressure, Grade 11 Result still delayed.

HSEB has once again been drawn into controversies following the delay in publication of the result of Grade 11. After being in the raider for corruption for the past results. HSEB has once again been the center figure here.

After the result was almost certain that it won’t be published today, we tried to contact some of the members of HSEB including Mr. Bhimlal Gurung (Member Secretary), Mr. Durga Prasad Aryal (Acting Controller of Examination) and other senior personals but none were in contact.

Thus, Looking at the current situation, it is hard to say when the result will be published. And HSEB seriously needs a anti-corruption union deployed over them.

However, we were in contact with some of the junior members of the HSEB board and they said that, Misplace of the result papers, lack of time for the preparation for the result publication and other several reasons for the delay of the result. And when asked for the result date they were unanswered of the exact date.

The result is of the students and they are the ones who got involved in the examination and it is the thing that every student would like to know as soon as possible. Also, it’s a well known fact that students would be desperate for it after not getting it even after 7 months (and counting) after the termination of their final examination. 7 Months shows the delay, and it’s beyond tolerance.

So, we would like to request all the concerned authorities to act seriously and not to play / trade with the future of students.

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