HSEB Question Collection | The Lamentation of Old Pensioner

HSEB Question Collection of English from 2060-2069 BS

Class : 12

Unit 3 : The Lamentation of Old Pensioner 

Long Questions asked from this chapter :

1.    Why does the poet lament for being an old man?

2.    Why is the poet angry with time? How does he express his anger?


Short Questions asked from this chapter :

1.    What do you think the poet was like as a young man?

2.    Why and how does the poet express his anger towards time ?

3.    What is the central idea of the poem?

5.    Describe the shifts in subject matter in the three stanzas?

6.    What is the tone of the poem: complacency, resignation, rang? Why?

7.    Explain the signification of the refrain ‘Ere time transfigured me’.

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