Difference between Communication, Mass Communication and Journalism




It is overall exchanging massage.

It is based on exchanging massage through medium.

It is exchanging massage but based on newsviewsideas thoughts etc.

Medium may or mal not need to be used changing massage.

Medium is compulsorily necessary.

Without medium no journalism exchanged or performed.

By seeing, looking, reading or any of our sense organ we can communicate to hem or by ourselves.

If once wants to communicate needs medium automatically.

Necessarily it is based in on news operation system.

Since the human civilization communication was started.

Since man kind discovered letters wards and sentences it was started.

Since Acta Divra that was profound by roman Emperor Julious Ceaser, it was started.

Communication is the basis of it wings like mass com. and journalism.

Mass comm. is the main body of comm. and also part of it.

Journalism is a specific term.

Communication may not have particular objective to be performed.

It has certain objective to be achieved.

It has specific objective to be achieved.

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