The Penalty of Death | Major English – XII 

The Penalty of Death – H.L. Mencken Analysis At last, a writer who fully understands that all society wants from the justice system is “a healthy letting off of steam” (Mencken). In his satirical essay The Penalty of Death, H.L. Mencken, through use of humor, exaggeration, and mocking euphemisms and anecdotes, satires America’s use of […]

Lord Byron’s Love Letter | Major English – XII 

Lord Byron’s Love Letter – Tennessee Williams A spinster and an old woman are seen in a dark room, talking. In the mean time the door bell rings and a matron who has come to see the Mardi Gras festival calls in. She notices a stuffed bird and expresses her sympathy for it. The spinster […]

The Romancers | Major English – XII 

The Romancers – Edmond Rostand Pasquinot and Bergamin are neighbors, but the relations are not good. Their parks are divided by a big wall. The former’s daughter Sylvette and the latter’s son Percinet are madly in love. But their fathers do not like it all. When the play starts, Percient is reading Romeo and Juliet […]

The Use of force 

The Use of force William Carlos Williams ‘The Use of Force’ is a short story that depicts the conflict between an unnamed doctor and his patient, a sick little girl. The story is written in a first person narrative and does not use any quotation marks, making the dialogues inseparable from narrator’s own words. The […]