The Nightmare Life Without Fuel 

The Nightmare Life Without Fuel                               Isaac Asimov Nightmare life: traumatic, frightening, terrifying, terrible, dreadful, horrendous, nightmarish life About Fuel Crisis Suburb: residential area bordering city: a district, especially a residential one, on the edge of a city or large town The essay “The Nightmare Life Without Fuel” by Isaac Asimov shows what will life […]

Unchopping a Tree 

Unchopping a Tree                                 W. S. Merwin Pseudo / False / Fake Directive Essay Theme: If we cannot unchop the tree then it’s better not to chop the tree. Short Outline of the essay “Unchopping a Tree”:  A tree is chopped. Now you have to unchop or join all its parts and place it where […]

The Poplar Field 

The Poplar Field                             William Cowper The poem “The Poplar Field”is about natural conservation. Through this poem, he wants to give message that it is not good to chop down trees. But, it’s not only that. It also compares the chopping down of trees to a man’s life and death. From this point of view, […]

The Three Day Blow 

    The Three Day Blow                            Ernest Hemingway i) Physical Blow: Rain and storm that lasts for three days. ii) Mental Blow: In Nick’s mind, there was depression or sadness of tragedy between Nick and Marge. Setting of the story:                 The rain has just stopped. The wind is blowing making the trees bare. There […]

A Worn Path 

A Worn Path                            Eudora Welty    Subject Matter: This story is about the journey of Phoenix Jackson, who walks many times                             to a town to bring medicine for her grandson. Why her name was kept Phoenix? Ans:       Her name was kept Phoenix because like the Egyptian Phoenix bird whose life time is […]

Look At a Teacup 

Look At a Teacup                          -Patricia Hampl “Look At a Teacup” is an essay written by the feminist writer of America, Patricia Hampl. This essay is written in the narrative style which narrates the history of feminism in America. The two major themes of this essay are the relationship between mother and her daughter (the […]

My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold 

My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold -William Wordsworth “My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold”is a poem written by a famous nature poet William Wordsworth. In this poem, the poet recollects/remembers an experience of his childhood days and gives his emotion and feelings a meaning. The poet also expresses his love towards nature. He […]

Speaking of Children 

Speaking of Children                                 -Barbara Holland The essay “Speaking of Children” is an extract from Barbara Holland’s renowned volume Mother’s Day or the View from In Here. In this essay, Hollandexamines the idea of having more than one child and its effect to the parents. She believes that one child is an appendage but […]

The Loving Mother 

The Loving Mother                                                                            A Story from the Island of Hokkaido, Japan   Mr Shoji Sakota was a pharmacist in the city of Sappora on HokkaidoIsland in northern Japan. He used to have his own drug store in the same building, where he used to live. He used to live alone in the rear […]


Fear  A story from Puebla, Mexico. Though the story Fear is from the unit of the supernatural stories, it is not a supernatural story. In fact, it is a psychological story. It’s a thriller / suspenseful story based on human fear of a nervous man. This story also shows how a man behaves in a state […]