Plant Anatomy 

Anatomy is the study of gross internal structure of an organism with. Plant anatomy deals with the study of internal structures of plants. Plant Tissue: Tissue is a group of similar (e.g. parenchyma) or dissimilar (e.g. xylem and phloem) cells with similar functions or functions having the common origin. In the higher plants like angiosperms, […]


The study of endocrine glands is called endocrinology. Thomas Addison is known as ‘The Father of Endocrinology’. Endocrine Glands: Endocrine glands are the ductless glands secreting hormones directly into the bloodstream and control long-term activity of target organ. They control, co-ordinate and influence various physiological activity of the body. The hormones are regulatory, metabolic and […]

Biology & Botany Class 11 & 12 all 

Biology  Grade XI  Teaching hour: 150 Full marks         : 75 Introduction Biology, being the science of nature, deals the fascinating changes, which continuously take place in the living world. Every person is expected to understand the nature of which he is a part. One needs to be familiar with the changes taking place in nature. […]