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Cambridge ESOL (English for speakers of other Language) is set on mission to create a challenging and stimulating learning environment filled with differentiated activities and academic alternatives in all areas of the English Language to assist children, educators, and people in work force with better future.

ESOL uses variety of teaching and learning strategies in English language.  ESOL includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking, which uses advanced course material including videos and audios which is directly imported from United Kingdom.  In addition, ESOL emphasizes using series of vocabulary and literary titles which will advance according to candidate’s requirement, class or profession.

School students will be part of Readers’ and Writers’ Workshop, which includes reading books designed by Cambridge University, which is an interactive way of learning as  professional candidates in addition will also be engaged in group discussion with their fellow friends. Candidates will also have an opportunity to have discussion with the Instructors who are trained and certified by Cambridge University ESOL.

The course will help candidates to be masters of spoken and written English. According to the data candidates who have been participating in ESOL courses, are good public speakers and presenters in English. This program has also helped candidates to gain confidence to talk with the native speakers; it also helps students with study abroad program and in work when they are ready to start their career.

The exam is conducted once a year by Cambridge ESOL authorized test center after the students have been taught 30-40 hours of classes, by Instructors. The classes are conducted once a week or twice a week in schools, or as per needs of participating candidates.

Please feel free to contact us at any time our email address is your happiness and growth are of utmost importance to us.  Thank you in advance for being a partner in your education.

This article was posted on 7th November, 2012

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