Advanced Reservation Chart 

Specimen of conventional Booking Chart.

This chart is normally used in modern hotel organization to have a good control over reservation because this chart are responsible for providing the condition of room available in monthly period of time. Most of this type of chart are maintained in white board or erasable chart. a)Conventional Booking chart: This chart is used normally […]

Whitney Rack 

This Rack is a rack that is used to maintain a reservation slip or form in reservation department. The main purpose of this rack is to not have a misplacement of reservation details that is maintained in a reservation formats. The Whitney rack of often prepared of wooden structure of mental drawers in Industry. Whitney […]

Hotel Diary 

Specimen of Hotel Diary

This diary is the document that is used in a front office department to know about the Reservation and is normally filed by reservation assistance or officer. This diary gives a brief idea about who is the guest, how many of them are arriving, what is the type of room they want, what is the […]

Reservation process and procedure 

Room Forecast Chart

Reservation is a complete process of booking that is conducted by to parties i.e. one guest or customer and next one is hotel reservation section. The procedure of reservation are: A)     Enquiry for reservations: First step of reservation is registered as enquiry of reservation where reservation personnel conduct a brief question answer section with guest […]

Mode of Reservation 

Mode of reservation generally refers to the ways of receiving the accommodation booking through various communication system. The following modes of reservation are encircled in front office operation. i)        Fax/ Facsimile: The word facsimile derived from Latin facsimile, “Make similar” i.e. “Make a copy.” is a tele-communications technology used to transfer copies of documents especially […]

Source of Reservation 

The reservation in of accommodation in a hotel is usually generated through the different organization as they are determined to get the stay and take delivery of the service facilities. The various sources through which the reservation come to the hotel are listed below: a)      Travel and Tour Organization: i)        Tour operator: These are wholesalers […]

Type of Reservation 

The type of reservation are as follows: A)     Guaranteed Reservation: In the guaranteed reservation, the hotel assumes that guest that the required rooms shall be blocked after confirmation. Under this the hotel agrees a hotel a room until a specific time of reservation following variation in the advance payment for guaranteed reservation are: i)        Advance […]


The term reservation can be defined as an agreement between the customers and service providers for the services pertaining to the future. An inquiry for accommodation and services in a hotel by prospective clients for a specified period through various sources by use of different modes is termed as reservation. Purpose of Reservation: The Purpose […]

Varieties of characteristic in animals that should be passed by a hospitality professional 

i)        Eye —- Eagle ii)      Nose —-Dog iii)    Ear —-Rabbit iv)    Mouth —-Fish v)      Tongue —-Lizard vi)    Personality —-Lion vii)  Diplomacy —-Hyena viii)Strength —-Elephant/Wild boar ix)    Dedication —- Snake

Part of Front Office 

Guest Relation Desk

1. Bell desk: It is a section that is solely responsible for carrying the luggage of guest from lobby area to guest room during check in and guest room to lobby area during check out. Beside this bell desk it’s also responsible for Newspaper handling, paging, incorting guest etc. 2. Travel and Tour desk: This […]