Humanities Notes 

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Management Notes 

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Development of Tourism In Nepal 

After unification to before down of democracy: In 1850, Junga Bahadur Rana visited Egypt, Britain, France and religious places of India De-Denial Wright (1877) visited Nepal  and wrote the book of history of Nepal Bir Shumsher changed foreign policy during this period that facilitated Gorkha Army Recruitment In 1905, Chandra Shumsher invited prince Wales for […]

Development/Evolution of Tourism Global Context 

The 1st phase (epoch) – early days up to 1840 AD: People travelled for different purposes like commercial interests, religious purposes, seeking knowledge etc. The 2nd phase (epoch) – 1841 up to 1945 AD: Thomas cook helped a lot to develop the status of tourism as; Development of urbanization and concept of holiday Improvement of […]

Development of Tourism In SAARC 

The importance of tourism has been recognized since early days of SAARC. The leaders during the second summit held at Banglore in 1986 defined committee shop should be taken to facilitate tourism in the region. 1St meeting of SAARC tourism minister was held in Colombo I September 1997. The 24th session of the council of […]

Differences between Visitor, Tourist and Excursionist 

VISITOR TOURIST EXCURSIONIST Any people visiting a country other than that in which he/she has his usual place of residence, for any reason other than following occupation remunerated from with country visited and remaining at least 24 hours. Any person coming to country for legitimate reason other than immigration and who stays at least 24 […]

Types of Tourism 

Mass Tourism: It is the most recent phenomenon of the modern tourism. This concept emerged along with the concept of paid holiday. It focuses on more no. of tourists instead of selective or elite tourists. The development of air ways and sea ways has helped to travel many people at once. Many travel agencies focus […]

Advantages of Tourism 

National Economy: It directly helps in developing the economy of the country as the tourists spend money while staying, coming and visiting a country. Employment Generations: People can be employed as tourism officers to a porter to earn livelihood. Cultural Integration: The cultures of different places can be known and exchanged through tourism. National Integration: […]

Determining factors of tourism 

Industrial development: It has been noticed that more people travel industrially developed places while less visit industrially undeveloped places. The industrial development increases the per capita income and provides leisure as paid holiday. Wealth of the society: Money is the pre-condition to travel. Travelling is easier for the rich. So it has been noticed that […]