Selection of Office Location 

Selection of office location   Nearness to customer: The office should be accessible to customers. They do not like long distances to make business inquiries. The office should be accessible to other parties who are in regular contact.  Nearness to related business: It is desirable to locate the office near the offices of related business. […]

Winding up of company 

Winding up of Joint Stock Company   Winding up of Joint Stock Company is the process of bringing the existence of the company to the end. It refers to the closure of business forever. In this time company being a legal person created by law can dissolve its own business in the following way   […]

Agenda and Resolution 

Agenda   It is the most important base for all meeting. It includes the subjects to be discussed in the meeting. It is prepared with consultancy of chairman. Its main objective is to conduct meeting in a systematic way without missing any item. It is the deal about the subject mater of the meeting and […]

Company meeting : preliminary general meeting, annual general meeting, extraordinary general meeting 

Company meeting   Company is an artificial legal person. It is not capable to think or decide any important matter. But through meeting it can think and easily make any decisions. Meeting means gathering of people who are connected with the company for discussion in certain place. It can be defined as assembly of number […]

Incorporation of joint stock company in Nepal 

Incorporation of joint stock company in Nepal   Following things are to be observed for incorporation of Joint Stock Company in Nepal:   1. File an application It is the first step. In any company registration, promoters have to file application in company registrar office. The application has to be signed by at least 1 […]

Main documents for incorporation of joint stock company : memorandum, articles, prospectus 

Main documents for incorporation of Joint Stock Company   Memorandum of association   It is the main document of the company. It defines the objectives, powers and its relationship with the outside world. The company works within the framework of the memorandum. The memorandum of association sets out the constitution of the company. It is […]

Difference between private company and public company 

Difference between private company and public company   Bases of difference Private company Public company Number of members It needs at least 1 member for its formation. The maximum number can be 50. It needs at least 7 members for its formation. The maximum number is not limited. Invitation for capital It cannot invite the […]

Types of company 

Types of companies   On the basis of incorporation:   Chartered company A chartered company is established by the royal charter or a special sanction granted by the head of the state. East India company, Hudson’s bay are the examples of this type of company. This type of company is no more popular today.   Statutory company […]

Merits and demerits 

Advantages of joint stock company   Large capital: A company can collect huge capital for the business through shares and debentures, public deposits, loans etc. Due to huge capital the company can conduct business on a large scale.   Limited liability: Usually the liability of members of a company is limited to the extent of […]

Characteristics of joint stock company 

Characteristics of Joint Stock Company   Compulsory incorporation: A company is a voluntary association of persons formed and incorporated under the existing Corrine law. Only when it gets certificate o incorporation it comes into existence as a body corporate.   Artificial person: A company is an artificial person created by law. It is created by […]