Types of Communication 

The communication can be categorized mainly into these ways:- 1. Verbal vs. Non-Verbal communication. 2. Inter- personal vs. Intra- personal communication 3. Small Group vs. Mass communication 1. Verbal communication of Non- Verbal communication Communication is a process which needs different elements to complete. Therefore, if we speak and write for communication these are verbal types of communication. In […]

Process of Communication 

……………………………………FIG………………………………………. Encode- Translating ideas Decode- Understanding meaning Noise- Symantical (language) Noise, physical Noise, Geographical Noise. The Elements of communication process Communication is a process that is completed by passing different phases which are calling the elements of communication process. Each element has its particular meaning and definition and they are independently recognized the elements of […]

Some Definitions of Communication 

1. Communication is a process of increased community or sharing between participants on the basis of sending and sharing message.                                                                                                            -Denis Mc Quail 2. Communication is the achievement of very similar or parallelmessage in the person initiating a message and those receiving it.                                                                                                            -De Flaur and Denis 3. Communication can be defined as the establishment of […]


The word communication has multiple meanings & definition. As several meaning and definitions have emerged over a period of time but the central idea has remained the same. Most of the scholars define communication simply as a process of exchanging ideas, views, and thoughts between two or more. Communication in our everyday life includes talking […]

Difference between Communication, Mass Communication and Journalism 

Communication Mass-Communication Journalism It is overall exchanging massage. It is based on exchanging massage through medium. It is exchanging massage but based on newsviewsideas thoughts etc. Medium may or mal not need to be used changing massage. Medium is compulsorily necessary. Without medium no journalism exchanged or performed. By seeing, looking, reading or any of […]

Who is Journalist? 

Journalist is the one who dessimates, collects news, information, matters, views, thoughts, including himher or people. Behind each journalist there is a media. Journalist only has the right to inform and heshe has social responsibility. – Journalist has updated each events, has piles of information. Journalist look after the government, legislative and judiciary. Journalist also […]


-News is an information about recent events or developments. – A radio or television broadcast presenting the important events or developments that have taken place is called news. – News is the communication of selected information or current events which is presented by print, broadcast or word month to a mass audience. – News is […]

Describe the scope of sociology. 

Sociology has broad and wide scope. Sociology is very elastically science; it is very difficult to determine just where it ends. V.F. Calberton has his important remarks regarding the scope of sociology. There is a controversy among the sociologists about its area of study. A group of sociologist tried to limit its area where the […]

Relationship of Sociology with other Sciences 

·         Sociology and History ·         Sociology and Political Science ·         Sociology and Economics ·         Sociology and Physiology ·         Sociology and Biology It is necessary to study and analyses between sociology and other sciences on the basis of their subject matter, attitudes, study methods, etc. Here, subject matter refers to the contents of the subject, attitudes, […]

Branches of Sociology 

As sociology is considered a very popular and fast growing science came into existence (only after 1839 AD) is vast and broad discipline. It has lots of specialists so that we can divide it into various sub-divisions on the basis of its contents. The main branches of sociology are as follows: Theoretical Sociologist It includes […]