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Supper Time 

Supper Time I stand beside the door as it opens. She walks inside and closes the door. She can’t see me, because I move too fast for her to notice. Wherever she looks, I move behind her. I can’t let her see me yet. There is no fun is scaring your victim too soon. She […]

MAGIC to find your age via Telephone No. 

‎ [MAGIC to find your age via Telephone No.] Type ur last phone number (only one digit)Then,i) multiply by 2ii) add 5 iii) multiply by 50iv) add ur age (two digit only)v) add 365vi) subtract 615Then, in result 1st num is ur last phone num n remaining is ur age.[THANKS FOR TRYING]

Hindu man raising a Muslim child in Lucknow 

Hindu man raising a Muslim child in Lucknow  A tea vendor in Lucknow Aiku Lal Sandil finds a Muslim boy abandoned at a garden near his tea stall, when asked about his whereabouts the boy only remembers his name as Akbar, Aiku reports to police but the police were unable to trace the boy’s parents […]

Alternating Currents | Old is Gold | XII 

Short Questions 1.      Why do we prefer a choke coil to rheostat in an a.c. current? 2.      What is meant buy independence of an a.c. current? 3.      Why is choke coil preferable to resistor? 4.      Why is choke considered superior to a rheostat? 5.      What do you mean by r.m.s value of an AC current? […]

Electromagnetic Induction | Old is Gold | XII 

Short Questions 1.      What is Lenz’s law? 2.      Mention two types of loss in a transformer. 3.      Show that Lenz’s law is an example of conservation of energy. 4.      Two closely would circular coils have the same number of turns, but one has twice the radius of the other. What is the ratio of self […]

Magnetic Properties of Materials | Old is Gold | XII 

Short Questions 1.      What are magnetic domains? 2.      What is angle of dip? How does it vary from the equator to the poles/ 3.      Define angle of dip and angle of declination at a place. 4.      How does dip vary from place to place on earth`s surface? 5.      Why does a bar magnet not retain […]

Magnetic effect of current | Old is Gold | XII 

Short Questions 1.      Under what conditions does a charge affect a magnet? 2.      State Ampere’s theorem 3.      Does a charged particle moving through a magnetic field experience a force? Express with conditions, maximum, and mini8mum force it experiences. 4.      A portion moving in a straight line enters a strong magnetic field along the field direction. […]