Plant Anatomy 

Anatomy is the study of gross internal structure of an organism with. Plant anatomy deals with the study of internal structures of plants. Plant Tissue: Tissue is a group of similar (e.g. parenchyma) or dissimilar (e.g. xylem and phloem) cells with similar functions or functions having the common origin. In the higher plants like angiosperms, […]


The study of endocrine glands is called endocrinology. Thomas Addison is known as ‘The Father of Endocrinology’. Endocrine Glands: Endocrine glands are the ductless glands secreting hormones directly into the bloodstream and control long-term activity of target organ. They control, co-ordinate and influence various physiological activity of the body. The hormones are regulatory, metabolic and […]

Computer XII 

COMPUTER SCIENCE GRADE: XII Full Marks: 100 (75T+25P) Teaching Hours: 150 I. Introduction: Information Technology has become a part of contemporary societyand as a potential tool in the socio–economic development of country. As Informationtechnology manpower is the backbone for the rapid development of ICT sector in the country, government of Nepal has accordingly identified IT […]

Major English – XI 

Major English – XI 1.     Mosaic §   Family FWhen Icicles Hang by the wall by william shakespeare FChild Care in China by Bruce Dollar FI am a cat by Natsume Soseki §   Initiation FThe letter A by ChristyBrown FA Mongoloid Child Handling Shells on the beach by Richard Snider 2.     Reading Between Lines [Doesn’t need any Summary] FFamily  FEnvironment FWar 3.     An […]


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HSEB Old is Gold – English 

& TOPICS AVAILABLE FOR THIS SUBJECT &   Ä Arranging words in correct order Ä Order of Dictionary Ä Composition Questions More questions are to come shortly….

Computer | HSEB Notes 

Question Collection:HSEB-2069 Question More are to be added….


DEFINITION OF ECONOMICS                                        The term economics is derived from the word “oeconomicus” by Xenophon in 431 B.C. It is derived from two words economy and science. Economy means proper utilization of resources. It means economics is the science of economy or science of proper utilization of resources. It is comprised of theories, laws, […]

Variation of ‘g’ due to rotation or latitude 

Let us consider the earth to be a spherical ball of mass ‘M’ and radius ‘R’. An object of mass ‘m’ is at point P at latitude φ, when the earth is not rotating the weight of the object is mg. But earth is rotating with angular velocity ω. So, the object is moving in a circular […]

Variation of ‘g’ due to depth 

Let us consider the earth to be spherical mass of ‘M’ and radius ‘R’. A body of mass ‘m’ is placed initially on the surface and finally taken x distance deep into the earth. We know acceleration due to gravity on the surface of earth is This expression shows that acceleration due to gravity decreases […]