Black Hole 

Black Hole A black hole is a region of space in which the gravitational pull  is so strong that nothing can escape. General relativity predicts that if a star of mass more than solar masses have completely burned its nuclear fuel; it should collapse into configuration known as black hole. The resulting object is independent of the […]

Simple Harmonic Motion definition 

Simple Harmonic Motion definition The simplest type of harmonic motion i.e. of constant amplitude and single frequency whose acceleration is always directed towards the mean position and is directly proportional to the displacement from the mean position is called simple harmonic motion. In simple harmonic motion,                       Acceleration ἀ displacement                 Or, acceleration = […]

Second Law of Thermodynamics 

Second Law of Thermodynamics Kelvin’s Statement (second law of thermodynamics) According to Kelvin, the second law of thermodynamics can be stated as follows: “It is impossible to get a continuous supply of work from a body by cooling it to a temperature lower than that of its surroundings.” This statement is applicable to heat engines. […]

HSEB notes 

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High School Physics Notes 

Your electronic note. HSEB GUIDES provides you high school physics notes. Our notes are very easy to understand and certainly reliable. You can get physics notes, physics model questions and numerical of physics here.Also, get notes for Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and many more. Physics XI

Hseb computer notes 

Get complete notes for HSEB curriculum at HSEB GUIDES. You can get simple and quality notes on of computer. Cheer up guys hseb computer notes are here. May this will help you. For any queries or any suggestions regarding any notes provided by HSEB GUIDES, please comment below and help us in our journey towards success.Related […]

Input Devices 

Some of the input devices used in a computer are keyboard, mouse scanner, joystick, touch screen, touchpad, track ball, bar code reader, light pen, optical code reader (OCR), MICR, OMR, microphone, digital camera, webcam, card readers, digitizing tablets, etc. KeyboardKeyboard is the most basic input device. It is used for text input. It contains multiple […]

Computer Architecture 

Computer architecture can be defined as the arrangement or construction or design of different components of a computer. It defines how the different components of the computer are connected with each other. Different components of the computer are given below:a) Input Unitb) CPUc) Memory Unitd) Output Unit Input UnitInput Unit is responsible for providing data […]

Chemistry Class 11 & 12 All 

Chemistry Grade: XI I. Introduction Full Marks: 100(75 T+25P)  Pass Marks: 27T+10P  Teaching Hours: 150T+50P Chemistry is concernedwith the physical and chemical characteristics of substances, the nature of matter and the study of chemical reactions. Chemistry, thus, is a powerful process of uncovering and extending our understanding ofvarious chemical phenomena. The power resides in the […]

Biology & Botany Class 11 & 12 all 

Biology  Grade XI  Teaching hour: 150 Full marks         : 75 Introduction Biology, being the science of nature, deals the fascinating changes, which continuously take place in the living world. Every person is expected to understand the nature of which he is a part. One needs to be familiar with the changes taking place in nature. […]