Message to Students 

Message to Students  To become a good professional, the student should be very clear in his/her ambition and set appropriate goals for themselves. The priorities for the day should be clear in the mind. Proper time management is very essential (with proper time management a student can easily have 3 hours of relaxation per day […]

To teachers 

At first, not a single love i feltI thought your ‘suplado’ and ‘masungit’I never talk to youNor even imagined too…. But now that you come closerYou brought me happiness and laughterI felt my heart widly openedThen you came in, all of a sudden But this is the doubtThat in you I’m not a partIn your […]

To Parents 

Our team is made up of young adults and parents. We have kids ranging from baby status to post college status. And as parents like you, we care deeply about the daily messages, choices and challenges our kids face. HSEB Guides philosophically is about respect. And this issue of respect is apparent in the our […]


TENSION IN THE STRING The tension is defined as: “The force exerted by a string when it is subjected to pull”. If a person is holding a block of weight W attached to the end of a string, a force is experienced by him . This force is known as Tension. When the body is […]

Define hydrogen bond. How is it originated? 

ANS:    The attractive force which binds the hydrogen atom of one molecule with more electronegative atoms like O, S,  N, F of another molecule or same molecule is called hydrogen bond. If hydrogen atom is linked with more electronegative atoms to form a covalent compound, the shared pair of electrons (bonding electrons) are displaced […]