Yahoo Answers of Kinematics 

Yahoo Answers of Kinematics Q: A particle is thrown vertically upwards with speed 20 meters per second. Two seconds later, another particle is thrown vertically upwards from exactly the same place. Its initial velocity is also 20 meters per second. How long after the first particle was projected, do the two particles collide? ( Question asked […]

Important formulas of Kinematics 

Average Speed = If the body covers 1st half of distance with a speed x and the second half with a speed y,then the average speed = If the body covers 1st 1/3rd of a distance with a speed x , and 2nd 1/3 with a speed y , and the 3rd 1/3rd distance with […]

Definitions -Kinematics 

Definitions -Kinematics   Kinematics : The study of motion of bodies, does not taking in to consideration the cause  for motion is called Kinematics. Rest: If the position of an object remains to be same for any length of time with respect to its surroundings, then the object  will be at rest with respect to those […]


VECTORS Physical quantities are classified in to two categories i) Scalar quantities ii)Vector quantities1. Scalar quantities or Scalars :The physical quantities which have magnitude but no direction are called   scalar quantities or scalars. Ex:Length,mass,time,area,volume,speed,energy,work,temperature etc2.Vector quantities or Vectors:The physical quantities which posses magnitude as well as direction are called Vector quantities or Vectors. Ex:Displacement,velocity,acceleration,momentum,force etcGeometrical […]

The Gardener 

The Gardener                                                                            Rudyard Kipling Helen Turrell: Unwed mother; she was quite ashamed of the society as she was […]

In Bed 

In Bed                      Joan Didion Subject Matter: Migraine headache Personal Example of the writer About medical information for migraine Migraine: [extremely bad headache] a recurrent, throbbing, very painful headache,                    often affecting one side of the head and sometimes accompanied by                     vomiting or by distinct warning signs including visual disturbances. Symptoms of Migraine Headache:  […]

On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness 

On the Vanity of Earthly Greatness                              Arthur Guiterman  Message of the poem: We shouldn’t be proud of our achievements because every achievement is                                      temporary. Time is the most valuable wealth and all our earthly greatness /                                      achievements are useless in comparison with time. Time is the leader which can                                      make a […]

The Six Million Dollar Man 

The Six Million Dollar Man                                 Harold J. Morowitz  The essayist found:                 i) Human body made up of chemicals                 ii) Chemical’s quantity in our body                 iii) Price of 1 gm of each chemical Conclusion of the essayist: He was not cheaper but he was six million trillion man.  Theme of the essay: […]


Malini                                          Rabindranath Tagore  Characters: King Queen Malini: Hindu Princess Kemankar: Strict, traditional Brahman who is the leader of Brahmin Supriya: Very intimate friend of Kemankar Brahmins             Subject Matter: Clash between Hinduism and Buddhism Character Sketch of Supriya: Ø             Serious role                                                    # He seems disloyal to his friend Kemankar Ø             So, he is […]

Oops! How’s That Again? 

Oops! How’s That Again?                                 Roger Rosenblatt It’s very natural to commit mistakes.   Why the examples in essay are given only of great or big persons? It’s so because the tongue slips are not only done by normal people but also done even by great or big persons of higher status.              Types […]