Laws of Motion-Old is Gold

  1. State Newton’s Second Law of Motion.
  2. If action and reaction are always equal and opposite, why don’t they always cancel each other?
  3. Explain why a cricketer moves his hands backwards while catching ball?
  4. The leaves fall when a tree is shaken. Give reason.
  5. Why is it difficult to run fast on sand?
  6. If a moving bullet striking a block of wood on a frictionless table embeds inside it what happens to the KE of the bullet?
  7. Is friction a necessary evil? Explain.
  8. Why do we slip on a rainy day?
  9. Can a body be regarded in a state of rest as well as in motion at the same time? Give an example.
  10. Explain how Newton’s first law of motion follows from the second law.
  11. Why is the kinetic friction less than the limiting friction?
  12. Explain why a coin placed on a cardboard covering a glass falls into the glass when the cardboard is pulled suddenly to one side?
  13. Why a man a getting out of a moving bus must run in the same direction for a certain distance?
  14. When a large heavy truck collides with a passenger car, the occupants of the car are more likely to be hurt than the truck driver. Why?
  15. Why does a heavy rifle not kick as strongly as a light rifle using the same cartridges?
  16. It is easier to pull a lawn roller than to push it, why?