Physical Factors Affecting of sound 

Effect of pressure (at constant Temp) Thus, velocity of sound is independent of change of pressure at given temperature.   2) Effects of Temperature:   Since the velocity of sound in gas,                          i.e. the velocity of sound in gas or air is directly […]

Laplace correction 

According to Laplace, propagation of sound wave in air or gas is not in isothermal process as Newton assumed but it is an adiabatic process. The thermal conductivity of air is so small and the movement of compression and rarefaction in the air is so rapid that heat flows neither out of system nor into […]

Velocity of sound in gas (or air) 

Newton’s formula for the velocity of sound in the gas medium is given by, μ = √K/S Where k is bulk modulus of medium (gas\air) and s be the density of medium. According to the newton’s sound waves travels through the air of gas. Isothermally i.e. the vibration of the temperature in the region of compression […]

Velocity of sound wave 

For the propagation of the waves, through the medium, there are 2 important factors affecting the velocity of waves in the medium.   Elastic factor i.e. modulus of the elasticity of the medium. Inertial force i.e. density of medium Which can be proved in the medium depends upon the modulus of elasticity and density of […]

Sound Wave 

Sound wave is longitudinal mechanical wave producing sensation of hearing on the ear. On the basis of what range of frequency of longitudinal mechanical wave can be detected by our ear. The longitudinal mechanical waves are divided into 3 types.   Audible wave Infrasonic wave Ultrasonic wave     Audible wave: Range of frequency from […]

Mechanical Wave 

Natural frequency of a body  Everybody in this universe has a characteristics has to tendency to vibration. When an external periodic force is applied and then amplitude and the frequency of vibration of the body depends upon its dimension and elastic property. Such as natural characteristics frequency of vibration of the body is known as […]

Stationary/Standing wave 

When two progressive wave of the same frequency and amplitude, travelling through a medium with the same speed but in opposite direction superimpose on each other and they give rise to a wave called stationary wave. In stationary wave, it does not seem to be moving and there is no net flow of energy, along […]

Progressive wave 

A wave in which the crest and trough or compression and rarefaction travel toward is called progressive wave. In progressive wave, the crest and trough or compression and rarefaction changes its position continuously and the velocity of move equals to the velocity of wave.   Consider a wave travelling along positive X-axis with a velocity […]

Wave and wave Motion 

Disturbance The change in pressure density or displacement of particles of the medium about their equilibrium position is disturbance for eg: When a stone is dropped at the center of the pond, the equilibrium of the water surface of the pond is disturbed. Rise and fall of the water surface is observed which is called […]

Newton’s Ring 

When a plano-convex lens is placed over a flat glass plate, then a thin air layer is formed between glass plate and a convex lens. If the radius of curvature of plano-convex lens is much greater than distance ‘r’ and the system is viewed through the above, the pattern of dark & bright ring is […]